Buying property isn’t just so you can have somewhere to live. It also can be a good investment. Whatever your reason, if you’re ready to buy more property but aren’t planning to live in it, this is the loan for you.
This loan is used to purchase or refinance a property that is not being used as a primary residence (i.e. rental properties).


Time and again we hear business owners, chief executive officers and chief financial officers say bankers don’t understand their business. Not when they come to RPM Commercial Capital. No matter how large or small your firm, our experienced team members will talk with you to understand your business and develop customized lending solutions with flexible financing options, highly responsive and individual attention that makes lending with us distinctive. In addition, our commercial clients value that we collaborate with experts from RPM Commercial Capital to provide clients with the expertise and market information to successfully run their business and achieve their goals. We lend across the entire US.


RPM Commercial Capital offers a variety of loan, financing, and mortgage options to those who wish to invest in mixed-use apartment properties. RPM Commercial Capital can customize a financing plan to meet your unique needs and goals as a real estate investor.
Loan Size 5 million